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Business model
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Equipment sales

China Machinery has established a nationwide sales and technical service network, to provide "high quality, efficient, all-round" service. Pre-sale: Provide coal sorting test, to provide customers with first-hand test equipment, to lead customers to visit the equipment application site, field inspection equipment operation; sale: According to customer demand, provide equipment tailoring, Equipment installation, operation and commissioning, the use of skills training and other services; aftermarket: the first time to provide parts supply, to provide technical guidance tour, technical seminars held regularly and application of technical training for equipment upgrades provide a full range of services.

On behalf of the construction of turnkey projects

Shenzhou machinery belongs to the mechanical and electrical installation company has mechanical and electrical installation of the construction contractor qualification, with excellent construction equipment, rich experience in construction, scientific management methods and advanced construction technology, can undertake the construction of coal preparation plant turnkey project can be effective Reduce project costs, shorten the construction period, to ensure project quality.

Production hosting operations services

In order to help customers improve the quality of coal sorting and processing capacity, give full play to their own advantages, China Machinery specialized set up a special coal preparation plant operating companies, with a high-quality production management team and a number of senior experts and professional coal preparation Technical personnel, professional technology covering coal preparation, machinery, electrical control, computer operation, quality management, more than 10 professional, can fully meet the dry coal preparation plant daily production, safety, maintenance, quality and management needs.


After the signing of the contract, Shenzhou Machinery invested in the construction of a coal preparation plant and contracted personnel to operate the coal processing plant. The coal preparation plant was owned by the purchaser after the end of the contract period.


After the two sides signed the contract, China Shenzhou machinery investment in the construction of coal preparation plant, and personnel contracted to run, in accordance with tons of coal to collect processing costs, after the end of the contract to Shenzhou coal mechanical plant all.

Equipment Leasing

Shenzhou machinery to provide equipment rental services.

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