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company culture

A good business in the creation of wealth at the same time to create a culture.

China Machinery has today's achievements, corporate culture has played an important role; China Machinery to maintain a strong momentum of development, its corporate culture paved the way for an important foundation.

Corporate culture is invisible ideology, it needs to use tangible people and things to be reflected and confirmed, which embodies the core values of the staff of life has important guiding significance, his words and deeds have a profound impact.

Shenzhou machinery corporate culture embodied in the work style is "concerned about the details, emphasis on results", which is consciously abide by the staff to pursue the code of conduct.

Shenzhou Machinery has been able to become a popular enterprise and long-term industry leading position, the most important thing is to adhere to their own corporate culture, and have created, faith, pursue this culture of dedication to the excellent workforce.

Carry forward the team spirit

Shenzhou machinery has a strong organizational power, which comes from all the staff adhering to the "team spirit."

In the development of Shenzhou machinery, has been committed to the team spirit, emphasizing organizational and collaborative, stressed that "one hundred steps into one hundred further", and vigorously promote the team's overall progress, and through various activities to strengthen team building.

Shenzhou machinery is a close whole, all employees have a common values, the pursuit of goals and code of conduct, we unite to form a strong team.

Respect for personal values

In a pluralistic society, the value orientation of employees also has diversity. Everyone has their own ambitions, want to realize their value. China Machinery full respect for people, trust, to maximize the enthusiasm of each person and creativity, so that employees can maximize the personal value.

Shenzhou machinery first respect the individual value of employees choice, but also stressed and guide the personal values of employees must be integrated with the value of the enterprise, in the realization of enterprise value at the same time, to achieve personal values.

The success or failure lies in business

Divine machinery to achieve today's performance, it is important to have an excellent staff, because the success or failure lies in the business people.

Shenzhou machinery is the development and manufacture of dry coal preparation equipment business, is to train manufacturing talents of the enterprise. Not only to develop staff skills, technology, but also understand business, management, more importantly, let employees feel the meaning of their own work, full of sense of responsibility and ownership, consciously shoulder the obligation to contribute to society and mission.

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