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Alpine dry sorting equipment

Product Introduction: In order to solve the alpine region can not be washed in winter coal processing problems, after many mechanical Shenzhou research and experimental analysis to develop a cold alpine dry sorting equipment

product description

In order to solve the problem that the coal can not be washed in the cold winter, Shenzhou Machinery has developed several alpine dry sorting equipment after several investigations and tests. The equipment has the functions of preventing cold, dust, dehumidification and noise reduction. Cold environment can be normal operation, completely solve the cold area of easy to freeze coal difficult to sort out the problem.

Performance characteristics

  • Reducing the temperature requirements of the use of the environment;
  • To achieve high-cold area of high-efficiency dry coal separation;
  • The equipment performance is reliable, the environmental protection effect is good;
  • High degree of automation, simple operation.

Technical performance table

Feeding granularity(mm)

Sorting efficiency(%

Processing capacity(t/h






Inner Mongolia Baiyinhua Haizhou Opencast Coal Mine Co

    Baiyinhua Haizhou Opencast Mine No.4 is located in Xiluqi, Xilinguol League, Inner Mongolia, with an altitude of 1,800 meters. The local climate is characterized by wind, drought and cold. The annual average temperature is 1 ℃, extreme weather is -38 ℃ and ice age is 5 Month, due to its cold plateau is located in the environment, wet coal preparation and general-purpose composite dry coal preparation equipment can not meet the demand for coal sorting. To this end, the mine used Shenzhou Machinery developed alpine dry sorting equipment, the equipment used in the new technology with high efficiency dehumidification, cold, dust and noise reduction and other functions, effectively solve the problem of coal sorting freeze, The economic benefits of the enterprise.

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