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Drying equipment

Product Introduction:

product description

Vibration mixed flow drying system

For the high volatile and low ignition characteristics of lignite and low-rank bituminous coal, Shenzhou Group firstly proposed the technical route of low temperature and large amount of air drying, independently developed the SZ vibration mixed flow drying equipment, which broadened the low water quality Dry separation of the range, but also independent of large coal moisture to dry water 5-30%, increase heat 300-1500Kcal / Kg. According to the unique structure of the dryer, drying, low production costs and production of large-scale, widely used in coal, coal washing, slime, shale, coal and other areas of chemical drying.

In view of the vibration mixed-flow drying system of many advantages, as well as its practicality, safety, environmental protection and other different from traditional technology, low-grade coal to improve the quality of practical mature technology.

Low temperature waste heat drying system

Low-temperature waste heat drying system is a kind of low temperature drying technology-fluidized bed drying system jointly developed by Dahe Energy Company and the Energy Research Center of the Lehigh University. It utilizes many kinds of waste heat of the power plant to improve the coal quality and utilize the process of drying and separation. value.

Performance characteristics

Technical performance table



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