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Lignite double dry quality equipment

Product Introduction:

product description

Shenzhou Group developed a self-developed for high-moisture brown coal gangue double upgrading of technical equipment, the equipment innovation using low-temperature, low oxygen drying technology, fully adapted to the low characteristics of lignite burning to ensure the safety of the production process And reliability, more suitable for the drying of other coal, to achieve the classification of high-efficiency drying of raw coal. The device dehydration rate adjustment range, with three anti-bag dust removal system, the effective collection of coal, to achieve the whole system of cleaner production. Dry coal after upgrading the quality of the coal is no longer bonded by dry separation technology can more effectively eliminate the coal gangue, reducing ash while reducing the coal temperature. The device can also be used alone for drying and dehydration, separate separation of gangue ash, to further enhance the calorific value, to achieve double the purpose of a substantial reduction of precipitation ash.

Performance characteristics

  • Deep coal dehydration, dry separation of waste rock, double quality substantial increase in heat;
  • Classification of low oxygen drying, the system safe and reliable;
  • System, dry bag dust removal, the full realization of cleaner production;
  • Coal to achieve full recovery, can be used as finished fuel products;
  • The dewatering rate of raw coal can be controlled;
  • Suitable for all types of coal drying and drainage, gangue.

Technical performance table

Model number Feeding granularity (mm) Water removal rate (%) Processing capacity (t / h) Power (kw) Dimensions (m) length × width × height
HGF-100 ≤ 50
100 1100 40 × 14 × 9
HGF-150 ≤ 50
150 1600 45 × 15 × 15
HGF-200 ≤ 50
200 2200 45 × 15 × 15
HGF-300 ≤ 50
300 3200 45 × 15 × 15
HGF-400 ≤ 50
400 4400 65 × 19 × 20
  • Dehydration rates are tailored to your individual requirements;
  • power consumption and dehydration rate, dehydration rate of 10% Reference to the actual design shall prevail.



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