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Dry Coal Separating System

Product Introduction: In view of the strong market demand for high quality coal, on the basis of general dry compound coal preparation technology, through a large number of scientific research, design and development of lump coal dry separation technology and equipment system.

product description

The final coal dry sorting equipment is suitable for the final coal sorting with the feeding grain size of 0-13mm. The equipment solves the problem that the shallow trough heavy medium sorting machine can intelligently sort the lump coal and can not classify the end coal, Not for sorting difficult to adapt to the needs of the current market, the birth of the technology can not be used for the traditional method of washing into the end of coal processing to provide a new way to improve quality.

Performance characteristics

Comparison of sorting index

product Yield(% Ash(% Moisture(% High calorific value (Kcal/Kg Low calorific value (Kcal/Kg
raw coal 100 45.43 5.88 4377 3919
Clean coal 85.07 38.82 6.34 4932 4412
Waste rock 14.93 83.41 2.81 929 702

Technical performance table

Feeding granularity(mm) Sorting efficiency(% Processing capacity(t/h
0-13 90 100-1000



Jidong mine

   Jidong mine is located in Jidong County, Heilongjiang Province, underground mining, with an annual output of 1.2 million tons, long-flame coal coal, lump coal as a civilian sales, -13mm coal as thermal coal sales. As the final indicator of coal instability, calorific value between 3500-4000 kcal, less than the power plant requirements of more than 4200 kcal targets, and because the region is long and cold winter, the end of the phenomenon of coal there is frozen, In 2014 decided to use Shenzhou machinery of coal dry coal preparation equipment services, -13mm end coal sorting process, after six months of processing operation, the system is reliable, after the election of coal calorific value of the product stability, the average of 4400 kcal or more , So the mine in 2015 repurchased the system.

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