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Quality Policy
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China's high-quality machinery

Shenzhou machinery to ISO9000 quality management system based on strict compliance with corporate standards, the Divine 20 years to sum up the advanced management methods and experience and the actual situation of the combination, and carefully build quality dry coal preparation equipment.

  • To the user 's vision to determine and solve problems, simulation of the user' s use of the environment for product design and quality control;
  • Pay attention to product safety, to ensure that products do not have any security risks and their life;
  • The establishment of a management standard, technical standards, operating standards-based standardized management system, good quality management of the basic work;
  • The use of rigorous procedures and scientific methods to deal with manufacturing details to ensure that each device has the most sophisticated "core";
  • Full participation in quality supervision and improvement, so that "we only create quality" awareness of the people.
  • Shenzhou machinery has become synonymous with high-quality dry coal preparation equipment, more users are welcome and recognized.
  • Quality Products in Hebei Province (2012-2015)

  • Hebei Province brand-name products certificate (2013-2016)

  • 2014 AAA credit rating of quality units in Hebei Province2014.12.18

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