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    The Cool and Cool Summer Feast Songs - On the Summer Celebration and the Oktoberfest in

    2016-11-18    Pageviews:1215Times

    新闻摘要:In order to make the stay and long-term business trip employees feel the warm atmosphere, to create a relaxation of staff, entertainment, to enhance understanding of the opportunity, the company in the evening of June 24

    In order to make the accommodation and long-term business trip employees feel the warm atmosphere, to create a relaxation of staff, entertainment, enhance understanding of the opportunity, the company on the evening of June 24 held in the factory area belongs to China's own beer barbecue Summer Gala.

    June 22 at noon, I, Dong Xiaorui and Guo Jianying received the notice of the chairman of the board, by the three of us are responsible for organizing and coordinating the preparatory work and the specific process. Just learned that the company should hold a party, it is excited about it, in the company for so many years, this is the first held a party, inevitably some expectations. However, another such a difficult task to us, in order not to let everyone's joy and expectations of discount, we immediately action: Dong is responsible for the procurement of all items, arrangements and preparation, Guo responsible for live sound and lighting, etc. Layout, I am responsible for the whole process to determine the party and program collection.

    In the process of preparation, we are enthusiastic, enthusiastic cooperation with various departments, not only reported up a lot of programs, but also take the initiative to help prepare for the work. Cafeteria staff and part of the bed female workers responsible for a variety of food preparation, the office of the young staff to help prepare gifts, venue supplies, blowing balloons, hanging lanterns and so on, part of the workshop employees have also rushed over the afternoon to help put tables and chairs, Layout site.

    After all the efforts to six in the evening, accompanied by cheerful music, we all dressed in neat clothes, his face hanging happy smile, one after another into the venue. Barbecue has been floated next to bursts of aroma, each table are placed a variety of fruits, snacks and drinks, party balloon fluttering at the scene, lights flashing, sound and jukebox has also been in place, we carefully prepared for the Gala it has started.

    Chairman of the opening remarks warm words, always embodies the care and love of staff, Zhang Haitao manager to play host, it is punch line, active audience. Each participating staff in the performance of intentions to express themselves, not only won the applause also received specially prepared small gifts, including six workshops of Sun Xinshuo sang the "actor" was the jukebox as the golden voice of 100 points, the gods Zhang Zhidong sang the hometown of Inner Mongolia style of the "father of the prairie, the mother river", emotional color, and the gods of Ma Yucheng sang a full brotherhood "friends of wine", the scene suddenly has a concert sense of interaction , The international department of Yang Yong wholeheartedly to sing the English song "Take me to your heart", for their harvest a lot of fans, Tao and Zhang Haitao singing a high-pitched loud classic old songs, also won a sound of applause. Whether it is the classic old songs or the latest pop, as well as temporary additions to the songs, are memorable infinite wonderful performances.

    In the process of the party is also interspersed with a lucky draw, each draw is exciting moment, although the gift is not particularly valuable, but it has a profound implication, award-winning employees face filled with joy smile.
            The event was a success, in the entertainment activities not only cultivate the team spirit of the staff, but also enhance mutual understanding and acceptance, and create a harmonious collective atmosphere, so that the usual dry and boring work and life become rich and colorful .

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