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    Successfully held dry coal preparation site to observe the meeting

    2016-11-18    Pageviews:658Times

    新闻摘要:August 21, Shenzhou Machinery Group co-hosted by the National Coal Technology Exchange of Dongfeng, invited participants of the relevant experts, representatives of the morning of the Divine Machinery Group Tangshan headquarters

    August 21, Shenzhou Machinery Group, co-organized by the National Coal Technology Exchange of Dongfeng, invited the participants of the relevant experts, representatives of the morning to the Divine Machinery Group, Tangshan headquarters to participate in dry coal preparation site to observe the meeting. Chief Engineer Xia Yunkai as the main explanation of people led to observe, the company leader Niu Zhimei, Sheng Jianzhong, Wang Jianli, Li Meiju, Liu was accompanied by others.

    In this exhibition, invited guests to the China Machinery Group in the pilot plant site to visit the vibration mixed-flow dryer, low temperature waste heat drying system, ultra-high density dry sorting system, intelligent sorting machine, ZM mineral efficient sorting Machine, non-adhesive coal briquette equipment, more than ten kinds of equipment and some equipment operation test, in-depth understanding of the various equipment technology, scope and effectiveness of such parameters. At the scene, we have the equipment operation, the coal preparation process and the results showed great interest in coal preparation and continue to explain to the responsible chief engineer Xia Yunkai and peer technical staff asked the relevant questions, and the answer is very satisfactory. Visited the workshop of the main production plant manufacturing equipment and production processes, an increase of the intuitive understanding of the strength of production.

    Experts and representatives in the exchange of seminars, heated discussions and equipment and technology for the professional, detailed advice, and China Machinery advanced technology and equipment praise. Through this site to observe the dry coal preparation technology is more units, enterprises and personnel recognized and accepted, while China Machinery also received from experts and representatives of sincere and professional technical guidance and development proposals, which will become Shenzhou machinery development and growth of an integral part. At the same time, China Machinery also want to improve the quality of coal through coal preparation to win more market share of coal enterprises, providing a low cost, good operation, sorting precision and low consumption of environmentally friendly viable way.

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