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    Companies to participate in the fourth session of the coal clean energy industry exposition

    2016-11-18    Pageviews:702Times

    新闻摘要:Beijing, October 26 10 am, "the Fourth China International Clean Coal Industry Expo" opened at the National Agricultural Exhibition Center for a three-day curtain

    Beijing, October 26 10 am, "the Fourth China International Clean Coal Industry Expo" opened in the National Agricultural Exhibition Center for three days curtain, China Coal Processing and Utilization Association Chairman Zhang Shaoqiang presided over the opening ceremony, all participants And the participating enterprises in the stage on the red carpet in place, cheering for the opening ceremony cheers.

    China Coal Industry Association President Wang Xian Zheng announced the official opening of the Expo, the World Coal Association Technical Committee Chairman, China Coal Industry Association, party secretary, vice president and secretary-general Liang Jiakun opening statement, Shenhua Group Vice President Zhang Zi Fei, Shandong Coal Industry Bureau, Respectively, on behalf of the coal enterprises and local governments issued a speech on this exposition to give deep hope.

    The exhibition aims to promote clean and efficient use of coal in China to promote the reform of coal supply side to strengthen domestic and international energy technology exchanges and cooperation in the field to promote the traditional energy industry to clean direction, to show China's clean and efficient use of coal fields of innovation.

    As the leader in the dry coal preparation industry, Shenzhou Machinery Co., Ltd., based on the world's leading technology, is dedicated to the implementation of high efficient and environmentally friendly coal preparation technology and equipment for coal preparation without water use, and for the clean processing and utilization of coal resources Providing a highly feasible and convenient way, very fit the theme of this exhibition. Under the leadership of Chairman Li Gongmin, the company produced, technology, sales and so on more than 20 employees participated in this exhibition, mainly shows the ZM mineral efficient separators, coal double dry quality equipment and scientific research with dry coal preparation machine And other equipment, and brought the different quality of coal mine in different samples, do live demonstration test. Due to the pre-publicity materials, demonstration equipment and site preparation is adequate, staffing and distribution in place, come to visit the guests in an endless stream of advice.

    Although Shenzhou Machinery is not the first demonstration of dry coal preparation technology and equipment, but the visitors face the continuous development of mechanical Shenzhou, the introduction of new technologies and new equipment, or have to hang around, listen carefully to the questions of interest To ask questions.

    At present, China's coal energy industry is undergoing elimination of backward production capacity, industrial transformation and upgrading of the pain, the urgent need to adjust the direction of development of clean energy. For many coal enterprises, especially in the plateau, alpine, arid areas of coal enterprises, not water, low energy consumption, high precision and environmentally friendly modular coal preparation equipment, as they are new or upgraded coal preparation equipment upgrades Preferred. Shenzhou Machinery for China's coal into the election rate, the upgrading of coal preparation equipment manufacturing technology and environmental protection and efficient coal preparation technology to promote the use of equipment, made a very positive and effective contribution.

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